January 9, 2016


A few years ago, I developed a condition in my lower spine that progressively got worse and resulted in severe sciatic pain. Sitting or standing for any period of time became unbearable. Seven months of physio and massage therapy provided minimal relief. I finally decided to try Bowen therapy. In my case, only four sessions were needed to eradicate my sciatic pain, and I continue to be pain free. It was the right decision for me.
Lina M.

As a professional dancer, minimizing time away from training and rehearsals due to injuries is extremely important. Bowen technique helped me in this regard with a speedy recovery. When I first heard about the technique I was a bit skeptical, but I’m glad I gave it a try. The technique is quite gentle and thorough. I found Erik to be a caring professional. He took the time to understand my particular background in dance, which is not always the case elsewhere. The treatment lead to immediate improvement, and the remaining recovery was a lot faster than I expected.
Gauri V.

In 2013, my neck spasmed and committed me to lying flat for two weeks straight. The pain was so severe I could not get up to go to the bathroom. The MRI suggested two slipped disks and deformation of several vertebrae in my neck. I desperately sought help with conventional medicine. The specialist for whom I waited a long time recommended a surgery on my back with the intention to reshape the effected vertebra. According to him, this was the only solution known for this type of injury. I always considered myself a ‘fit and active’ guy and the prospect of 6 months recovery in bad, as well as very uncertain outcome of the surgery did not sit well with me.When I heard of Bowen, I was very skeptical – this is my nature, but the first visit had calmed my skeptical self down – I found the technique was non intrusive, and the procedure very pleasant. It felt like a good massage, except with long lasting effects. The second session had significantly improved my condition and took the pain to a bearable level. I was able to stand, walk, and turn my head. The consecutive sessions brought back my physical freedoms. Erik kept investigating my symptoms, and spend a lot of time listening to my own observations of my body. Soon I was relieved from pain. My neck and shoulder were stabilized and functional – I was able to return to my life.I am periodically returning to see Erik, who helps me maintain my once injured neck healthy and happy. It also helps to ‘process’ the pressures of my lifestyle and work that often accumulates in and around my neck and shoulder. I hope to continue utilizing this wonderful technique to maintain my body healthy and sound.
Rafal S.